Engineers Hammers

Get a bigger Hammer? Not so fast! 
Sometimes the job requires the right hammer.
The job always requires the right hammer. It's not recomended to use a hammer designed for shaping to do the grunt work of a mining, sledge or drilling hammer. 

Picard hammers are forged form c45 special alloy steel

Each hammer produced by Picard is Hand-Forged, it's carefully hardened and tempered. Its head is protected with a black powder-coated and corrosion-resistant material and handles are secured with a ring wedge fixture. The face of each hammer is chamfered to aid in preventing stress fractures and chipping. 

Craftsman who use their tools day in and day out know what it's all about: uncomprimising quality thanks to the high-quality materials and precise workmanship for the abosolute robustness and safe, fatigue-free working. Mining, Drill, Sledge and engineer hammers can be found here. These hammers are the heavy hitters for the stuborn jobs. See for yourself.

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