What is a Bumping Dolly used for?
Just like a bumping hammer the dolly is just as important in body repair. Dollies are used to back the metal that is being shaped. Carefully placed dollies help control the direction the metal moves as the hammer taps from the other side. Working a dent backward helps it return to its original shape. Sometimes it requires working areas in sections. Dollies come in many shapes and contour to better match the original panel shape. Like hammers they can be put in several categories. These are the following, Anvil, round, toe, shoe, heel, utility and general purpose. 

What is a Surfacing Spoon used for?
Spoons and pry bar hand tools let you access hard-to-reach areas and can be used on everything that comes into the shop. We carry curved picks, slapping spoons, long-handled spoons and other unique tools for working out large and small dings and dents.

The best tool in the shop is knowledge and experience.
Starting with the best quality tooling will help you build both in the shortest amount of time with the least amount of frustration. Bumping hammers best techniques use light tapping and finesse to get the professional results.

Body shop Panel Bumping Repair Equipment Door & Fender Panels

  • High quality forged alloy steel heads with hardened striking surfaces.
  • Best manufacturing standards.
  • Over a century and a half of experience. 
  • See our complete selection of bumping hammers, dollies and spoons, for shaping and prying in the repair preparation of body panels.



What is a Bumping Hammer? 

Let's define what a bumping hammer is. When most people think of a hammer they might believe it is a tool used to hit something with a lot of force. Like a sledge hammer. Or they might think of a carpenter hammer or the old trustee ball peen that was in your grandfather,s tool box under the basement work bench.

Today one of the most widely used tools by mankind is the hammer. It could also be said it is the oldest tool used as well. But things evolve. The hammer is no exception. Still in the same basic form the hammer has become very specialized. From heavy forge hammers to light watchmaker hammers, there is a hammer for almost any application needed today.

Bumping hammers are very specialized and are used to return metal back to it's original shape and condition if you are doing body panel repair. They are also used to shape custom fabrications. A custom motor cycle fuel tank for example.  

What types of bumping hammers are there?

In general repair you'll find many types of hammers. Bumping hammers, pick hammers, finishing hammers and shrinking hammers. 

They may have flat or domed faces, or be thick or thin with large or small faces. Checked or grooved or finely polished. They also come in round, square and rectangular faces.

 Bumping hammers typically fall into several categories; finishing, pick, embossing, planishing, cross peen, ball end, ding, stretching and shrinking. Automobiles have so many shapes and body lines that a competent body repair shop will have a large selection of bumping hammers available to the skilled craftsman who do body repair and panel beating day in and day out. They know the value of superior tools.