Why Picard?

Today there are few if any high end bumping tools on the market. That doesn't mean there isn't a need for them. The highly skilled body repairman is in just as much demand.

What makes Picard Bumping Tools superior to the other manufacturers on the market today?

  • Let's start with 157 years of tool making and engineering experience. 
  • Highest best matched materials used in manufacturing.
  • Forged and tempering process to ensure long life dependability.
  • Precision grinding and polishing working surfaces.
  • Pricing with your profitability in mind.
  • One of the oldest brands on the market today.

Many other manufacturers have opted to outsource their production to third parties. They have reduced quality and inventory to just their best selling tool designs. This is done because they are only concerned with their bottom line, not yours.  
The problem is, it doesn't help you.

  • Did you ever stop to think that 80% of your work can be done with about 20% of your tools?
  • Did you ever stop to think that your profit is most likely found in the other 20% of that work?
  • Did you think how just a few unsatisfied customers can create conditions that eat your profit?

If you do not have all the tools you need to do the job right then you risk your valuable time, tie up shop bays to redo work and add stress to your day! It's not worth it. Picard is the answer to having a fully stocked repair or fabrication shop. Finish on time with less stress and more happy customers.

Here's how Picard stacks up to the competition.
Picard manufactures:
  • 29 Unique bumping hammers
  • 25 Specialty shaped anvil dollies
  • 10 Specialized spoons and pry bars
  • 40 Fine detail hammers*
  •  7 Organized bumping tool sets

That's 104 specialized hand tools for auto body repair and we aren't even including the forge tool or engineering hammers.

*There are 16 types of highly refined and polished hammers available in differnt sizes for a total of 40 fine detail hammers.

Visit us to see for yourself.